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Recent feedback

As you might have noticed, there is a new block to the left: "Recent feedback". Since it is nice to be able to see comments to older posts, I wanted this feature. After some fiddling (it even exposed a bug in the feedback plugin) I got it to work.

I'm using Frank Hecker's feedback plugin for my comments and writebacks instead of the "normal" comment or writeback plugins or derivatives. Yet, all the recent feedback kind of plugins were written for those. Still, since the feedback plugin uses a format very similar to the other plugins, I decided to give it a try.

After some comparing plugins, I found the writeback_recent plugin, which pretty much did what I wanted and even got comments and documentation (as opposed to some of the other plugins). To my surprise, it pretty much worked out of the box with feedback.

I used the following configuration in writeback_recent:

my $writeback_dir       = "$feedback::fb_dir";
my $trackback_extension = "wb";
my $trackback_flavour   = $blosxom::flavour;

I use $blosxom::flavour here, since feedback does not use a different flavour to display commetns as writeback does. To make sure that the reference to $feedback::fb_dir in the first line would work I updated the feedback configuration replacing my with our in the fb_dir configuration line:

our $fb_dir = "$blosxom::basedir/feedback";
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