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The end: Smashing victory

(Disclaimer: This post is about a game. It is all fiction.)

It is done. This afternoon we fully finished Pandora. Though I have not blogged about the third and second day and puzzle, I will do that next weekend. First, I'll be concentrating on sleeping :-) Delivering the solution within thirty minutes of the solution, closely followed by two other teams, we managed to obtain a smashing victory. Not only were we the only team to solve all four puzzles, we also solved them first every time. Even on the kills area we didn't do bad: we managed to get 11 kills on the last day while our kill joker (triple points) was in effect. This got us a pretty decent score:

  1. L.I.E.V -- 2570
  2. Happy Hooves -- 1810
  3. 2d4d --1280

I've just been to the "Battle of the Cultures", a game of theatresports between Contramime, Pro Deo and Nest. I Barely noticed the effects of my tiredness (in the past 60 hours, I've only took a small 2 hour nap) while watching the show.

During the break I went out for fresh air, but as soon as I saw the outside campus, my mind and body sprang back into Pandora-mode: rushed, driven & paranoid. Back inside, it faded away. Apparently just seeing places that have strong Pandora memories triggers this. As I rode home I noticed that nearly every spot of the campus now has a distinct Pandora memory attached to it, since we actually searched just about every building on campus. Let's see how fast this will help...

Another interesting effect of sleep deprivation: Last night's puzzles used a number, 2.513274. Also, the night before we used the ISBN number 90-365-2349-4. I just wrote these two numbers down from the top of my head... Apparently the lack of sleep makes me remember stuff better? This might explain why I have such strong memory associations with certain locations. Also, it completely kills my power to formulate sentences, so blogging is probably a bad idea. Wanting to write the last sentence, I just wrote a sentence about killing and stopping processes that made completely no sense... Anyway, don't mind the spelling errors...

Anyway, from the moment I sat down in the Theater Cafe, I felt an imminent breakdown coming up. Since I arrived home, I've typed this blog and read my IRC backlog and now I'm so totally wasted that I'll sleep as soon as I touch my pillow... These last words are produced solely powered by willpower...

So, I bid you goodnight and crash into my bed....

Magistor (marijn) wrote at 2006-03-17 12:18

Pandora was like war: it created heros. Jumba (matthijs) is clearly a hero. He's been with us around the round table as long as it would take to solve a puzzle, never even thinking about sleep. And it takes heros to win a war. Pandora this year, to me, was somehow special, the difficulty of the puzzles just pushed us to the limit, instead of discouraging us. Team L.I.E.V will return and when it does: There's nowhere you can run, nowhere you can hide, we will find you, shoot you with an orange stress bal and our laugh shall sound across the campus: ghihihihhi!

Maladignia (Brenda) wrote at 2006-03-17 12:28

It's not the lack of sleep, but probably the stress that helps you remember things better. A bit of stress is good for your memory. But indeed, concentration and skill for formulating sentences really decrease. L.I.E.V. rules! Let's do it again next year!

Joost wrote at 2006-03-18 01:38

Aye, Pandora was cool. Shame i didn't play, but it was nice to play by proxy with you guys.

Makes me wish i had my old team again. snif

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