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Day 3: Hunting powerpuffs

Meeting Last night, the third meeting was held (and the FlitCie made pictures). After a short recap of monday's puzzles, there was a duel between "De 7 IA Wonderen" and "H.E.N.K.", to settle a dispute. "H.E.N.K." had the favour of winning this, after which we could continue with business as usual. The Pandaprijs organisation wants to get back at the hardcore powerpuffs for defacing their website and has given every team, next to the ordinary puzzle, a clue left by the powerpuffs.

This clue was a physical tangram game, containing two holes and a line drawing. The normal puzzle was a paper saying "Koffie, koffie, lekker bakkie koffie, wat knapt een mens daarvan op" ("Coffee, coffee, nice cup of coffee, it does a man good").

VB Coffee Since the puzzling deadline is not over yet, I can't go into any details about these clues. I do want to share a nice picture of a fruitless attempt on the coffee clue: Ordering a cup of coffee at the vestingbar, exclaiming "Wat knapt een mens daarvan op", did not yield any further clues. We had hoped for specifically instructed barcrew handing over clues, or clues turning up at the bottom of the coffecups, but no such luck. So, Marijn had a nice cup of coffee (or not so nice really) and I had a nice cup of tea (since coffee still tastes like shit).

Anyway. Let me conclude by saying that we solved all of todays puzzles. We did bump into one clue by accident, but we solved the puzzles leading up to there afterwards. With the plumbers team solving the end puzzle only six minutes later, tomorrow night might just prove very interesting indeed.

Check back later today for puzzles, now it's (finally) time for sleep.

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