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Day 3: High tea and shootout

I've been to the Inter-Actief high tea this afternoon, organized by the MeisCie. Pandora participants had received free tickets, so we suspected there would be some kind of puzzle or clue there.

Powerpuff clue After the mandatory drinking of tea and eating of munchies, we noticed a Hardcore Powerpuffs clue lying around. It pointed us to youtube, which contained a short movie recording a telephone call made by Dirk, the show host, during Monday night's meeting.

In this telephone conversation (transcript, in dutch) it turns out that there is some mala fide business going on inside Pandaprijs. The result of the Powerpuff puzzle result (will post about that soon) suggested that there might be drug smuggling going on under the Pandaprijs cover. From this phone call, it seems that our show host Dirk doesn't want to be involved in this business, but is probably forced to do so anyway.

Perhaps Dirk can be an ally in our cause?

Camera drugs

Another bit of information, an email from the powerpuff puzzle result, suggested that there would be an exchange of "ice cream" (presumably a keyword for drugs), at Wednesday afternoon, carried in a camera bag. So, together with No Nonsense, we kidnapped the camera bag of one of the TV guys, turned it inside out, but found nothing. Afterward, I noticed that the email was timestamped in 2005, so it was probably outdated information...


Dueling Elvan and 001 Elvan, one of my team members and 001, one of the No Nonsense team members, engaged in a voluntary duel. They live in the same apartment and were both still alive, so to prevent a mess at the dinner table, they wanted to settle it right there and then.

In the end, the duel ended up in lots of confusion, since 001's bow broke down, while propelling an arrow that might or might not have hit Elvan. They settled for exchanging licenses, since finding a new bow to try again was too much of a fuss.

(Do click the picture to the right, it links to a full action movie of the shoutout!)

Next up: Puzzles....

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