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Blegh & Busy

There is about a ton of stuff that needs doing this week, there is another ton of stuff I want to do this week or sometime soon and there's another that keeps distracting me, especially from the first ton.

I've spent 8 hours this week correcting homework from students in "my" ADC group. Though the work has been interesting and even fun, the last few hours were hell. I'm kinda fed up with doing stuff, I've been doing lots and lots of work and there is still more that needs doing. I probably should have done more necessary work before getting distracted by the fun work (coughInter-Actief sysadminningcough), but that just seems to be next to impossible with me.

Anyway, I've got the correction work finished now (and am looking forward to getting paid for it) but haven't spent nearly enough work on my "Ontwerproject" (Design Project) today. That means, I'll spent another hour or two coding, before going to sleep and doing more work for my ontwerpproject in the morning...

Life sucks, and then you die... ;-p

Brenda wrote at 2006-01-13 21:30

Things women never say: Oh honey, you look stressed out, let me give you a blowjob. :P

Sorry, my sick humor. It wouldn't work anyway... planning things works better.

BTW, your blog still is a bit F*cked up in IE... All your posts end up under your blosxombannerthingy.

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