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Madness trip to Wageningen

Last night, I was chatting in #larp as I have done a lot this week (since the last Symbols Event). A fiend of mine was complaining about her exams and that she was fed up with learning for them. She wanted to go and do something fun with somebody. I don't remember exactly how or why (don't have the IRC logs handy), but somebody proposed I went over to her and I ended up thinking that was a good idea.

So, after just over two hours of train and bus (Enschede Drienerlo - Hengelo - Zutphen - Arnhem - Ede-Wageningen - Wageningen) I arrived at her place in Wageningen. I spent most of the time in the train calling with an old friend and thinking about what the hell I was doing ;-)

As she promised, there was lots of tea and as expected not too much sleep (she had to get up for a presentation at university at 0900...). So, I'm pretty much broken now and on my way back to Enschede to check the finances of Pro Deo and theatre sports repetition after that. I might not fully stay awake tonight, but, it was worth it :-)

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