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Awesome window manager


Recently, I switched Window manager again. I still haven't found the window manager that really works for me (having run Ratpoison, Enlightenment, ion3 and wmii in the past), perhaps I should write my own. Anyway, a while back a friend of mine recommended XMonad, a Haskell based window manager. Even though having a functionally programmed window manager is cool, I couldn't quite find my way around in it (especially it's DIY statusbar approach didn't really suit me).

While googling around for half-decent statusbar setups for XMonad, I came across the Awesome window manager. It's again a tiling window manager, as are most of the ones I have been using lately, but it just made this cool impression on me (in particular the clock in the statusbar, which is by default just a counter of type time_t, ie number of seconds since the epoch. Totally unusable and I replaced it already, but cool).

Awesome allows you to tag windows, possibly with multiple tags and then show one tag at a time. (which is similar to having workspaces, but slightly more powerful). But, one other feature which looks promising, is that it can show multiple tags at once. So you can quickly peak at your IRC screen, without losing focus of your webbrowser, for example. I'm not yet quite used to this setup, so I'm not sure if it is really handy, but it looks promising. I will need to fix my problems with terminal resizes and screen for this to work first, though....

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